Duct Tape for the Soul for August 29, 2014

Were You Worth The Bother?

Creation was not an instantaneous event. Enormous and continual, it has no beginning and no end; it is quite beyond our puny understanding. The Divine force that drives such events has all of eternity to accomplish its goals. You were likely sketched, billions of years ago, and have existed for untold eons. Your current form is one of an endless number you will try on, as you seek to evolve that bit of Divine essence that you are.

Your destiny is to become much like God; wise and powerful, deep and enlightened. You will live possibly millions of lives in pursuit of this transcendence. I know, you’d rather not dwell on how much work you face. You find just getting through one simple, puny life to be so hard and burdensome! Your journey to true godliness is going to be a grind. It’s easy to complain, isn’t it? Easy to give up?

Go look in the mirror. Are you going to tell yourself that you’re a failure? That God wasted the effort, to create you, and give you this chance to love and grow? What are you doing to show some appreciation for such a tremendous opportunity? He expects a lot more from us than most give. Are you guilty of that too? Maybe today would be a good day to do something about that? Or do you have another excuse, another reason not to bother?


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