Duct Tape for the Soul for August 5, 2014

Don’t Get Old Too Soon

Who told you to stop dreaming, to grow up and be a responsible adult? Congratulations, you appear to have done so, but maybe a bit too well. You haven’t just matured, you’re acting like an old fart! You’ve become hidebound and set in your ways, refusing to learn new things, and to abandon old nonsense!

So why’s that matter, you wonder? I’ll tell you…your refusal to be open to change, to new experiences, means that you’re blind to the wonder and opportunity that God parades past your door each day! You’ve lost the will to dream, too, feeling like life will go on, an endless, unbroken string of events that you’re unable to control.

The young tree flexes and bends to the winds, but the old tree is hard and brittle. It breaks in the storm. And storms do come. The well rounded adult, who hasn’t lost that child like sense of exploration and eagerness for change, confronts life’s problems with little dismay. When you live as if life is a burden, it will be.

The happiest people, the ones least affected by disaster and change, are ones who are young at heart, who still dream. You can lose your house, car, job and things to outside forces, but you throw away your dreams. Love is little different. If you can’t dream of it, can’t believe you deserve it, you aren’t having it. Are you wasting this life, by doing nothing but existing? You can fix that, but the first step is admitting you need to!


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