Duct Tape for the Soul for August 6, 2014

Stop Waiting For A Handout

I want. I need. How often do you utter these words, or hear others so declare? Who do you expect to fulfill them? Your family? Your friends or neighbors? The state? God? This might shock you, but God didn’t design the universe to be a welfare opperation. He has no intent for anyone to get something for nothing. If He did, stuff would fall from the sky! Last time I saw that happen was in Kansas, during a tornado!

What God did provide you with, is a mind capable of thought and dreams, a heart capable of willing yourself forward, and two hands with opposable thumbs, that make doing things in the real world possible. All you need to add is the will to get off your butt and to make an effort. The suggestion that some people are unable to do anything is a lie!

We have far too many people convinced that they are too stupid, too poor, too disadvantaged, too unable to make an honest effort. The welfare state has created this evil, by addicting people with just barely enough to scrape by. God never intended for anyone to scrape by! Half of humanity is wasting their potential, sitting and feeling a victim to circumstance.

Instead, we need to have people moving forward, finding their inner drive, a passion to succeed. People need to get off the old butt, and strive. Education, enterprise, honest work, whatever is required, to move up and out of mom’s basement, and into the success lane of life. No one will provide a decent life for you, if you lack the drive to do for yourself. Do you? Or are you happy with a second rate existance? God never intended for you to do without. He just expects you to be the one providing for your wants and needs!


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