Duct Tape for the Soul for August 8, 2014

Lots Of Unjustified Complaining Gets Done

Ever bother to actually listen to the people around you? You’ll hear and endless litany of gripes, grumbles, whines and moans. Part of them are directed at friends and relatives, but much involves bitching about some lack. Too little money, too old of a car. Tired of this or that item. Clothes outdated, furniture starting to look tired. Nobody seems happy with much of anything!

The sad thing is that our preceived lack would be seen as awesome luxury to most of humanity, who struggle to find something to eat, and water that doesn’t have dirt, bugs or disease floating in it. Your slightly dated fashion at least covers your nakedness, unlike many, who basically wear rags. And if you think your carpet is a bit tired, try existing on bare old dirt for a while.

The sad fact is simple; we members of the “modern world” are frankly spoiled! The poorest person in America or Europe lives a life that would be mistaken for royalty almost anywhere else. Spoiled. We like being spoiled, but we act like idiots in many respects. Instead of being grateful to be living in such incredible luxury, we complain, feeling disadvantaged for not being even more spoiled!

I’ve often wondered what God might think of all this. That many of the world’s down trodden are victims of past manipulation and oppression is hard to argue with. Some is self inflicted, by people who have no understanding of the consequences of their choices. Anyone who wishes to help such a mass of people, is instantly overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task. I can’t tell you how to save the world, that’s for certain. But I could tell you to think more deeply before you whine about what you haven’t got, and that if you want more, get off your butt and work for it. Actually, I just did.


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