Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb. 10, 2014

Why it Doesn’t work Out Sometimes

I’d bet good money that at least once when you were a teen or young adult, there was someone you adored. You were completely crazy, head over heels infatuated weren’t you? Thought you’d die if you didn’t end up with them? They peed on you, didn’t they, wanting nothing to do with you? Or worse, you got the crappy, I  just want to be friends, words of death handed to you!

Even now, remembering it makes your insides hurt, doesn’t it? Did you move on, and find someone to love, or did this kill you, sucking the heart and soul right out of you? It does, to way too many people. It’s easy to let such a killer blow, or bitter disappointment crush any willingness to risk yourself again. Were you finally desperate enough to get over it, and go hunting again?

You’d think I’m crazy if I told you you were likely lucky to have been set free, wouldn’t you? No, I’m not crazy, I was utterly obsessed with two members of the opposite sex, who both set me on the curb. I thank God now because they did! Why? Because I got to see how they turned out later in life. Either one would have been the worst ball and chain to my heart and soul, had they stayed!

Instead, they made others miserable and divorced, instead of me! Look, especially when you’re young, your judgment isn’t always the best. You fall for people that are a terrible match for you, lusting for their cuteness or willingness to play. Life takes more than that, and eventually you’ll find that out, hopefully not the hardest way possible. I told my six daughters to kiss a lot of toads, even sleep with a bunch, to see if any turned into princes. But then I told them to stop kissing and sleeping with them when they stayed toads. A couple are still a bit slow, but they’re learning!

How about you? Did you learn to move on, or are you still stuck, pining for the one that got away? You have a duty to your soul to find someone worthy of sharing your heart and life with. Stop sulking and get on with it. Go kiss a toad or two. Just don’t kiss any one of them more than once, when they don’t become a prince or princess!


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