Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb. 11, 2014

Get out of the Darkness!

Are you living in darkness? If you aren’t sure, you’re in the dark! You think you aren’t? Then show me all the joy you have, the blazing divine light that’s flooding every aspect and corner of your existence! Ahhhhh…kinda dim where you are, isn’t it?

You need to understand something. If you aren’t in the light, you’re standing in the darkness. There is no half light in God’s realm, no shades of gray, no dim light. Not even a small night light. Its one hundred percent all or nothing. You flip that switch and turn on God’s light, you’re gonna need shades, my friend! He’s not prone to half measures.

The thing that you instinctively fear is this: you get God’s light shining on your life, you’ll see a lot of dirt and trash you’d prefer to overlook! You’ve been lazy and not inclined to do much dusting on your choices or your soul. Ergo, the dirt. Your mother told you not to sweep dirt under the rug, but using the cover of darkness to hide it is likely worse.

We’ve all got issues we’re afraid to look honestly at. I understand that. If you get inspired, or plain crazy enough, and turn on God’s light, that’s the end of hiding your dirt. You can turn it on now, tomorrow, next week or you can wait until that chat at the end. He’s turning it on, and you aren’t going to be all that pleased with what’s displayed if you’ve avoided it until then.

I can tell you how to find the switch, to turn His light on, but I can’t give you the will or the balls necessary to do so. You have to scrape that up, and then be prepared to really see what your life looks like under His light. You likely won’t be all that thrilled about that either. But trust me, waiting to have it revealed will be a lot less fun.

I can promise you this; Once you get over being blinded by that light, you’ll actually be able to see well enough to accomplish something. You might even see well enough to find someone to love! That would be a lot better than sitting in the dark, complaining constantly, and even if you aren’t sure, all your family and friends would prefer you do so! Trust me!


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