Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb. 12, 2014

Stop Being Too Real

The generation that played with empty boxes, sticks, handmade toys and found things dreamed BIG! They put a man on the moon, split the atom, invented the airplane, autos, skyscrapers, heart transplants, computers and thousands of other inventions It was one of the most impressive displays of imagination in the course of human history. They created the modern world.

Their children were able to play with fancy, super realistic, store bought toys. What have they given us? Sleazy financial dealings, greed, shyster MBA’s, bureauacracy, marketing of second rate products, reality TV and porn. Not very impressive, is it? Few break throughs, lots of recycled junk. Even the movies and TV are all retreads for the most parts.

Ever wonder why this is? Perhaps you’d be wise to re-examine what childhood play does, and why having toys so realistic that no imagination is needed isn’t all that bright! Kids playing, especially when they aren’t sitting on their butts, helps develop physical skill and co-ordination. Having to imagine that a broom handle is a death ray or a machine gun develops mental acuity and visualization skills.

I hate to tell you this, but as the video games get more and more realalistic, you precious child’s brain gets less and less imaginative and bright. But it isn’t just that you’re killing junior’s future creativity,  her mind, her ability to imagine possibilities, you’re killing the future for humanity! In case you didn’t know this, there aren’t a lot of creative people around to begin with. Every one squealched at a young age is a tragic loss.

What if the Wright brothers had been playing X-box instead of tinkering and building small toy planes? You’d like to hope someone would have been inspired, but what if all their fellow kids had had their imaginations stunted? Toys that are too realistic kill imagination. Period. If you cared about the future you’d toss all your kids toys in the trash, and make them read and learn to build things. Face it, they aren’t going to support you in your old age by sitting and playing video games. Neither are you!


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