Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb. 13, 2014

Why Did You Choose To Be A Slave?

You’d like to argue about that, wouldn’t you? Tell me I’m crazy, tell me I have no idea what I’m taking about! But It’s true, you’re a slave. A slave to your emotions. A slave to your fears. A slave to your insecurities! You are good little slaves, running around, faithful to your masters. You wear no visible chains, no collar to mark you as a slave, yet you refuse to run away, to even try to escape or set yourself free.

Even if you admitted that you’re less than free, you’d still do nothing. You’re honestly afraid to be free, afraid to be able to choose on your own. You blame your weaknesses and fears for all of your failures and problems. They are actually a crutch, an excuse for your misery and lack of accomplishment. “I can’t do, try or go there, you know how I am,” how many times have you uttered that?

“I’m not smart enough, talented enough, rich enough, to follow my dream” Hmmmm, ever say or think that? You are a slave to your lack of confidence! You know, deep down, that if you were free to make choices, God might take issue with some of them, eventually. You don’t trust yourself to make good or wise choices. If you saw another human being such a spineless weasel, you’d want to kick their butt!

But aren’t you special? Don’t you deserve sympathy? Want to ask God that, my dear friend? I thought not! Look, you’ve been caged so long, that even if the door magically opened, you’d stay put, unwilling or too afraid to crawl out! Oh sure, your past gave you reasons to be timid, to not take chances. Bad news; everyone suffers setbacks and tragedies. You’re supposed to pick your butt up and go on, not give up and mope around, hiding from life!

Being a slave. A slave to all your insecurities and fears. I can promise you that being free is pretty nice. Finding your way back to it isn’t easy, but it’s well worth the effort. The first step is to be unwilling to stay a slave. Only you can make that choice. You went into the cell, and pulled the door closed on your heart and soul. You have to open it. Do you honestly want to? Answer that first. The rest is a lot easier than you might think!


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