Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb. 14, 2014

On The Magnitude of A Simple Touch

Touch, and the simple act of being touched, in a warm, kind and loving manner, is one of the greatest affirmations, declaring that you are worthy of another’s care. Children can not grow and develop into loving and secure humans without an abundance of it. Adults seprived of it wither into an empty, cruel bitterness.

Alone, you may believe you exist, but lacking the contact, the touch of others, you will soon quetion if you do. It becomes easy to think your existance is only a sad, empty rumor. The tragic fact is that the world is filled of people living like zombies, unfulfilled, unconnected, unloved. So much misery, and a simple hug could do much to cure it!

Understanding the power of touch, of a hug, can transform you spiritually. It won’t make you God, but it will move you in that direction! This simple act can open the hearts of the lonely and abandoned, turn the lost and empty away from the path of darkness. I’ve seen elderly people waiting to die brought back to life, drug addicts pulled back from the edge of self destruction, and neglected children made to believe that life has meaning and value, all from an application of several small hugs.

But if it’s such a wonderful thing, why do so many of you refuse to bestow it on others? Your miserly ways aren’t gaining you points with God, and certainly won’t improve your own soul. I knew a girl years ago who’d walk up to people on the street, who looked unhappy and alone, and she’d offer them a hug. Almost no one turned her down, and the number that broke down and cried, letting her talk to them and become their friend was astounding. Your fellow man is desperate for some love!

Understand this; you aren’t “changing the world” by protesting or by social activism. The hippies proved that in the sixties. You help people and thereby change the world, one soul, one human at a time. A hug, a touch, opens doors to people’s hearts and souls. For most of you, God’s work isn’t likely to be running a mission in Mozambique. You have the power to transform your fellow man right where you are. One hug at a time.

Why aren’t you doing so? Are you afraid people will think you’re weird? Maybe you should make up your mind to care more about what’s good or what God regards as proper, than what others say. God gave you hands and arms. You’ve never wondered why? You can choose to use them for foolish things, or you can use them for what they were intended! Go hug someone! Now. You’ve piddled long enough!



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