Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb. 15 & 16, 2014

You Aren’t All that Different!

Have you ever traveled someplace where you were the different one? The one who looked funny, dressed weird, talked an incomprehensible language? Did it make you feel odd? Uncomfortable? Like an outsider? That can be quite an experience and a real revelation, if you don’t hide behind a provincial, elitist and snobby sense of superiority.

Admit it, you feel more comfortable with “your” kind of people. You cling to your similarities; racial, social, ethnic,linguistic, cultural, educational. Your people seem better, more enlightened, and at least you can understand them! All those others, well, they’re the odd ones, the devients and lesser people, aren’t they?

You’d really feel better carrying your spear, being with your small tribe! We’ve been tribal creatures for hundreds of thousands of years, and the last couple of millennia haven’t changed us much. Of course, there’s a wicked irony implicit in all this; strip away the physical form, and all humans have identical souls. I won’t argue the merits of creation vs evolution here, but either way, your soul is not subject to anything at this level of existence. Your soul is divine, a fragmet of divine essence, or God if that doesn’t scare you to death.

Being here, incarnated in a pshysical body, in the realm of time and matter has no bearing on the nature of your soul. Every soul is identical in nature. They vary only by age and level of enlightenment. Understanding that, grasping what that implies means you’ll never buy into anyone’s “racial superiority” crap. Hitler’s master race nonsense was exactly that: nonsense.

But you’d like to feel better about yourself than everyone else, wouldn’t you? Here’s a suggestion; spend your effort trying to improve your own soul. It likely could use the work! If you have energy left over after that project, work on helping your fellow man to improve their souls. Instead of spending your time looking down on your fellow humans, try helping to elevate them!

Here’s a good place to start. Every morning, look in the mirror and ask your self this; How big of an asshole was I to people yesterday? Can I be better than that today? Fix the thing you have the most control over first! You start being a better person, others will seem a lot more worthy of your love and care. That will get you smiled on by God, whether you believe in Him or not. We’ll work on that later!


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