Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb. 17, 2014

Think First, Have Fit Later

You just love getting mad, don’t you? Nothing beats having a chest thumping, screaming, stuff tossing fit! You love to get worked up, love that feeling of righteous indignation! Someone hurt your feelings, lied to you, neglected, belittled, cheated, used or ripped you off! And now you get to show the world how indignant you are!

Even if you’re too busy or just plain lazy, don’t want to go to all the bother of a class A hissy fit, you can at least be sanctimoneous and self righteous, and look down on the one who’s offended you. Even better, it doesn’t take much effort to gossip viciously about them and maybe spread some evil lies of your own, to get back at them! Your life is so hard, don’t you deserve some revenge?

Maybe you’d better rethink that a bit? First, getting yourself all worked up isn’t doing your body or mind any good. Anger and stress just dumps a ton of evil hormones and chemicals into your bloodstream, and that takes years off your life. Not that smart, is it? Doesn’t help your blood pressure or sleep either!

Now on top of that, and even worse, half the time your indignation isn’t justified! You heard lies, second hand gossip, or someone passed along incorrect info. You go off half cocked, having a fit, and risk getting your butt handed to you.

Ever wonder what all this uproar does to your soul? If you respond to lies, wrong stories, or mis-spoken tales with lies, gossip or by beating someone with a tire iron, you’ve just upped your bad karma through the roof. You will have to attone for that eventually, and you make it more likely that something evil will happen to you.

At the very least, you add to the list of stuff you have to sit and listen to God complain about once you die. Trust me, we all have enough of that, you don’t need to go out of your way to add to it! So what should you do? How about you listen and ask questions, to try and establish the truth of what you’re hearing? You don’t need to be flying off the handle over lies and gossip! If you find it is true, then you need to address it with the guilty party, and not by just beating their butt. People do feel guilty at times, and will want a chance to make ammends.

Face it, screaming isn’t improving any relationship or your life. If you have to boot someone you trusted out, do so simply and with no drama. Remember, sooner or later, you’ll screw up, and be on the other end of the stick. Being treated as bad as you’ve treated others will make you wish yo’d had less of a fit, and been more reasonable to others.  Its a lot easier to learn that thoughtfully, then by getting your own crap tosssed back at you!


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