Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb. 18, 2014

Not Lying to Yourself

If you’re a typical human, neither Saint nor lofty sage, you do a lot of lying. You lie to avoid conflict, lie to avoid making friends and family mad at you. You lie to avoid telling the truth, which embarrasses you or will cause you to miss out on fun and good things. You lie to the cop, hoping to avoid a ticket, lie to your boss to avoid getting yelled at, lie to your significant other, so you won’t have to do without sex for six months.

You lie to people you are close to, or worse, you lie to people you barely know, wanting them to think you’re nicer, smarter, cooler, sexier or richer than you are. You lie by telling complete untruths, lie by stretching the truth, lie by ommiting embarrassing or nasty things about your doings. You’d hate to admit how good you are at lying, but you are, since you get so much practice at it. But guess who you tell the worst lies to? That’s right, yourself!

Why do you lie to yourself? Are you really kinky enough to paddle your own butt for lying to yourself? When was the last time you punished yourself for being honest with you? Crazy, right? So why do you lie nonstop to your own face? Oh, sure, being honest about what a turd you’ve been can be embarrassing. So can being honest to yourself when you’ve been crappy to someone you love or care about. Hate that, don’t you?

So answer me this; how do you expect to ever be a better human, to evolve your soul into a better being, if you’re never honest? Your lies let you slide by, un-repentent and unimproved. I’m just tossing a crazy thought out, but wouldn’t you like to be a better person, one that doesn’t have to lie to hide crappy things from yourself, because you aren’t doing crappy things?!  Wow, how novel and exciting!

This is the essence of self-improvement. Stop lying to yourself. Admit your failings to at least yourself. Confessing them to others is really scary, but it does wonders for making you more motivated to improve too.  But one thing at a time. Pitch a tent here, at ground zero. Start being honest with you!  Admiting them will make you miserable for a time, but will make you want to fix yourself too. That’s the goal.

By the way, being honest with God is good too. You likely lie lots to Him too, which is pretty silly; He already knows all your foolishness and lies. He’d like you to know them too! And improve them. Everyone else you know would be thrilled to have the new, improved version of you too. But no one will be more proud than you! Get busy.


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