Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb. 19, 21014

Who Are You?

One of the most fundamental things you need to succeed in life is easy to name, but otherwise hard to do. That is simply to believe in yourself. You aren’t progressing, aren’t evolving your soul, aren’t accomplishing much without this. The problem you bump into, when you try to have faith in yourself is that first you have to have some idea about who or what you are!

Your entire childhood was a journy of exploration, as you discovered the world around you. Meanwhile, you were building your mind and heart, trying to equip yourself to live life in a functional manner. Too many people apparently are lazy or inattentive, and just scab a bunch of random stuff together, sort of like a horder crossed with a pack rat.

Then what? Then you’re stuck spending time trying to make sense out of what you’ve built! It’s no wonder so manny people seem to have built themselves from conflicting and incompatible parts! Not very helpful, especially if you have dreams of accomplishing something!

You’ve met some of these folks, who seem crazy in a zany, conflicted fashion, if you aren’t one yourself. Nothing seems to work right, and they wander aimlessly around, lost and often miserable. Counselors eventually give up in dispair, confronted by such a mish-mosh of conflicts and misery.

Face it, if you built a house as badly as most of you construct your being, you’d have a thousand rooms, half with neither doors nor windows, twenty bathrooms with no toilets, the roof under the house, and the basement on top! Well, thank God you’re not a house! But you’ve still got problems, mostly steming from the fact that you have no idea who you are, no idea how you got to where you are, and even less insight about what to do to have a better life.

Might I make a suggestion? Your first task is to figure out who you really are. That means spending time alone, no TV, no music, no computer, just you alone and free from the ceaseless chatter you hide behind. Then ask yourself, “Who am I? What do I want? What are my dreams? What do I care about and who do I love?” Don’t take no for an answer and keep doing it until you can actually answer the questions! Once you have that, you can go to step two. We’ll talk about that later, once you solve this puzzle!


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