Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb. 21, 2014

Rejecting Fear

What do you fear? Are you afraid your friends will stop liking you, will abandon you? Think they might suddenly gossip behind your back, or mock you? Are you afraid your family and loved ones will tire of you and stop caring? What about the people you work with? Are they trying to undermine you and get you fired? Maybe you’re afraid you’ll be laid off, and lose your livelyhood, your career? What about your old age? Terrified you’ll wind up in a death camp nursing home, or that you’ll be broke, and die, living under a bridge?

Do you trust your spouse or significant other? Think they might be cheating. Think they will sooner or later? Is there anything you’re sure of, that seems reliable? Honestly, you are wading in quicksand! There is literally no end to what you might be justified in being afraid of. Sorry, life is pretty undependable in many ways.

But understand this; you aren’t living, if you’re ruled by fears. What’s the biggest one? That you might drop dead tomorrow, with no hint of warning? You’re terrified of losing out on even a minute of life, aren’t you? The funny and perverse thing is this; you are already immortal. Your body may go away, but your soul merely goes on to the next round. You’ve lived dozens of lives already, and you’re doomed to live dozens more. The better you actually live, the fewer it will take for you to get where you need to go, but there’s no limit on how many chances you get to make progress.

So why are you living in fear? There will be no shortage of life, just lots of possible incarnations of it. Eternal is a very long time, in case you’re wondering. You’ve got lots to accomplish. Sitting in fear, afraid of things that may not happen is even more pointless than worring about things that are sure to come. Stop fretting and start living! Faith is the antidote to fear. Fear is the handmaiden of the darkness. Understanding your place in creation will banish your fears, and set you free. Free to live and free to love.

Tell me, doesn’t that sound more worthy than sitting in the dark, being terrified of living? If you learn nothing else, learn this. You will be made to be free.


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