Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb. 22 & 23, 2014

Stop Putting Yourself Down!

Are you one of those souls who go around, knocking yourself? You know what I mean; the person who says, Say, I’m not so bad for a moron, (fat person, retard, loser, flake…you fill in the blank). That is a pathetic attempt to pre-empt anyone else from putting them down.  The reason it’s foolish is simple; the more you declare a thing, the more likely people are to notice and agree with you!

Now aside from trying to get ahead of someone, and invalidate or lesson the impact of a potential put down, there’s likely an angle of compliment fishing going on. Insecure people do this constantly. Question: “Is my butt too big?”  Hoped for answer: “No sweety, its so cute and yuummy!” My ex wife did that, until one day, not focused, I replied a bit too honest, and said, “Yep, looks like the hood of a new Kenworth.” She didn’t find that honesty as much fun, and frankly, neither did I. Divorces are pricey.

Now begging for compliments is sort of shabby, and you’d be regarded better if you’d just act decent, and let people see you being worthy of compliments. Sure, you hate risking that, because you don’t believe you deserve to be complimented! That’s also why you put yourself down. But understand this; your constant carping about your flaws (real or imagined), only makes people more inclined to notice or to believe you have them! You don’t want to lie, but you aren’t obligated to engage in self loathing under the guise of “being Honest” either.

One of the first rules of life is this; don’t call attention to your flaws, failings or weaknesses. Don’t lie about them, just shut up and don’t call attention to them. Most people are too nice to say anything, even if they notice your issue. But once you declare your small boobs or huge behind to be a worthy subject, you can bet you’ll get lots of unwanted commentary about whatever it is!

We’ve all got flaws. Weaknesses. Embarrassing problems. Things we just don’t like or we despise about our bodies, souls, lives or what have you. Calling attention to them isn’t all that smart. Stop it! You’re not only bringing more disparagement onto your self, you’re begging for more bad karma.  You probably aren’t that qualified to be judging yourself in the first place either, since you aren’t very objective.

I had a friend in college. Cutest girl, georegous eyes, fabulous rear end, great personality, smart and wonderful. Small boobs. Hated having small boobies. Saved up her money, and had huge implants put in. Met and married a nice guy. Then he finally got around to telling her he hated big boobs, loved small ones. That’s some nasty karma! You get my point?

Look, its terrible to have others put you down and abuse you over anything. Its a whole lot dumber and sad for you to be the source of all that abuse! There will always be mean people to say nasty things to hurt you. How about you stop adding to the problem? If you can’t love yourself, and be supportive of you, how do you expect anyone else to care? Work on that! It pays some nice dividends. I know, I overcame the same wicked tendency, but was saved by a cute girl, who kicked my butt one night, for offhandedly putting myself down.  She changed my entire life! What an angel! Well, she was until she dumped me!


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