Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb 24, 2014

You Need More Than Looks

There are a few conceited people around who think they’re beautiful. But not as many as you’d imagine. I’d bet good money that ninety percent of the beautiful people alive think they’re unattractive, if not down right ugly!  How many have you met? Sad, isn’t it?

Having raised six daughters, a couple of whom were hot enough to set the couch on fire, but who thought, much like their plainer sisters, that they were “plain or ugly” I can attest to what watching such self abuse looks like. It’s not pretty. It doesn’t help anyone that we live in a society fixated on appearance more than inner worth either.

Young women, especially teens will wear out the subject. “I’m too fat, too short or tall, too ugly, boobs too small or too big, bad skin, have terrible, frizzy hair,” Nothing suits or pleases them. Some of that is just fishing for compliments. If you’re a terrible parent, you might agree with them, just out of frustration. Very bad idea! They’ll never get over it.

Learning from your parents, or worse, having to learn it on your own, that what you look like doesn’t determine your worth as a human being, is hard. But it’s one of the most fundamental discoveries you’ll ever make! A person who has nothing but their physical self to offer the world is reduced to being a sort of cheap whore, and likely will be treated little better! Is this your dream, or do you wnat something better?

I knew a girl in college, tall, freckled, warm, sweet, utterly femminine and sexy, but she had small boobs. You guessed it, she was obsessed with that fact. She had all sorts of problems and issues, which she blamed her inadequate chest for. She finally saved up the money and had them “improved.” Sure, she looked nice, and didn’t suffer any problems, but guess what? Her life still sucked! Changing her appearance didn’t improve the real part of her, the unhappy and miserable part! I tried to tell her, as you’d imagine, but she didn’t listen! (I’ve been handing out unappreciated advice for a long time!).

I worked hard to teach all my daughters to smile, as nothing else takes so little, but makes a human more attractive to others. The rest of my effort was to help them become a real, decent person, whom others might love. That’s what you need to be working on, if you’re not thrilled with your life. Improve your soul. The body you’ve got now will be gone in a few decades, but you’re stuck with the same soul. Make it better, and all your lives will be much better.

Forget the cosmetic surgery, it isn’t your body that needs enhancement; its your heart and soul! A person obbsessed with their looks is doomed to living a shallow and meaningless life.  You don’t want that, trust me. Assuming you’d like to be more than an ornament to someone, or a decoration for their life? You deserve more than that!


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