Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb. 25, 2014

Exactly What Are You Doing With Your Life?

You may have come upon the vague realization at some point, that living day to day, ramdomly zigging and zagging from one crisis to the next, probably isn’t getting you to the sort of rewarding life you’d like to have! Endulging your urges, with no sense, plan or vision is pretty much a one way ticket to the swamp.

When did you start to suspect this truth? Are you under thirty, or contemplating the retirement you can’t afford? If you’re young, congratulations! You may have time to chart a new and better course. If you’ve got the Senior Citizens Discount cards in hand, you’re in trouble! It won’t be easy to save yourself from an entire lifetime of folly, but you can still try!

Now understanding what you’re doing wrong is a great first step, or even better, just understanding that you are lost and in a mess. It’s painful to admit that you did this to yourself, but that’s a necessary first step to improving your life. What you need more than anything is to take stock of your dreams. You once had them, as all people do. It just seems many lose them, or worse, throw them away! You aren’t going anywhere in life without a functional and doable dream!

What are your issues? Lonely? Broke? Crappy job you hate? You’d not be wise to expect some miricle to happen, and everything suddenly be roses and puppy dogs. Fixing your problems takes work. But first it takes planning! I’ve known lots of people who worked nonstop at things, but got nowhere. Why? Because it wasn’t their true path. You’ve got one; every soul comes here with one. The farther you get from it, the worse off you’ll live!

Understand this: no one is supposed to be alone and miserable. You aren’t supposed to end up in jail or dead either.  If you had a workable dream, you’d have small chance of that happening. How do you find that? Think. Contemplate. Dream. Learn to understand yourself and those around you. These are the things that will move you towards a better life. Being drunk or stoned, mean or bitchy aren’t doing it, are they? You know better! You need to think more deeply about this, don’t you?


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