Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb. 26,2014

Why Did You Forget How To Play?

Have you ever noticed that children can do at least one thing much easier than you? They can go from being bored, cranky, mad, and upset to being in complete and utter joy instantly! You set a puppy, kitten, bunny or fun toy in front of one, and they’re launched into complete fits of fun giggles instantly. Makes you jealous, now that you think about it doesn’t it?

Adults need to get ready first, before they can have fun. There’s always something important that needs to be done, finished or attended to, isn’t there? You’ll have fun later…maybe, if you get your chores done, if no one calls or drops by to interrupt you. You’re an adult, and you’ve got burdens and responsibilities, don’t you? And you wonder why you’re sad and unhappy?

Frankly, I’d love to drop by your place, and squirt a full can of whipped topping down your pants, just to loosen you up! This adult stuff has dragged you down to the point that you have no fun, no joy in your life. Way too many of you can’t even get laid, you’re so grumpy and disagreeable! How can you live like you do?

We all need fun, joy and laughter. You need to see fireflys, sunsets, rainbows and stars! Fuzzy animals and someone naked to play with are good too! (but not necessarily at the same moment!). Perhaps you need a big enema of fun in your sad existance? Trying to be grown up is a drag, and not good for your health either.

Do you even remember what joy and laughter were like? How much fun being tickled was? If you’ve got small children, I pray you have lots of that. But the rest of you need someone to play with too! Don’t listen to the old farts who will tell you to “act grown up” or to act, “responsible.” Your heart and soul need play. Such things are not ungodly, are in fact the very essence of godliness.  Frankly, you need to have fun and laugh now. Seeing how some people are living, they won’t have much fun when they die, and God checks their record, that’s for sure!


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