Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb. 27, 2014

There is Likely Nothing You Won’t Need To Know

I’ve heard young people say a hundred times, “Why do I need to learn that? I’ll never use it!” I smile. Ultimately, you are destined to grow your soul to be the equal of God. You’re going to be busy a very long time. But be that as it is, right now, in the maundane here and now, you’re going to have many times when you’ll wish you knew a whole lot more than you do!

The embarrassing fact is this; you have no idea on God’s earth what’s in store for you, even in this puny small life. It is a remakable fact of God’s universe that He tends to rearrange your priorities with no warning, and He does so frequently! You just let yourself get the least bit comfortable, and BOOM! Everything turns upside down.

We all cry and complain about the unfairness of this, but it does no good. I’d guess that complacency is a sin, even though it got left off the tablets. You get comfortable in a cosy rut, and you’re in for an adventure, no matter how much you cry and moan. You can be snug on dry land one moment, and you’ll wake to find your bed floating down stream. You thought you didn’t need to learn to swim? Hows that working for you now?! Suprise!

Of course, God isn’t mean or vindictive, at least not nearly as much as He should be, considering how wicked most of us live. He simply wants you to grow your soul, and make it stronger. Tossing your butt down the mountainside occasionally helps with that a lot more than you’d ever admit. Arguing about it is a one way ticket to more change and upheaval, so you might as well accept your fate, and get busy.

Trust me, I have lots of personal experience to support my observations. I hated English in both high school and college. I was a passable writer, but thought I’d never need or care to know much about the whole subject. I’ve now written twelve novels in the last six years. Care to guess how much I’ve regretted not paying better attention when I had decent instructors? Somewhere out there, a pantheon of former English teachers are grinning wickedly, every time I screw up and have to correct something I should have learned in sixth grade English class!

My point is simply this; learn everything you can, you have no idea what you’ll need! You’ll have a much better life if you’re even  halfway prepared. And the craziest thing you might think you’d never need will always be the one you miss the most, when you suddenly discover you need it!


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