Duct Tape for the Soul for Feb. 28, 2014

Don’t lie! You need love too!

Are you serious, or just trying to pull our legs? You’d like to tell us that you have no need for love? How astounding! Really? Normally this state of un-needfulness is the result of having been trounced by someone, of bitterly having loved and lost. It is a form of sour grapes. Why should I waste time on love?! the bitter ones loudly protest.

Naturally, this hasty denial, this repudiation of love and all its difficulties is in reality, a veiled attempt to garner some love and attention. You’d deny this? You haven’t been disappointed in love? Haven’t had your heart stepped on? Your butt kicked by it?

Perhaps you merely reject the whole idea of love on philosophical grounds? You’re loath to surrender to someone else? Maybe you find the whole thing messy and time consuming? You hate the vulnerability that loves burdens you with? Thye fact that it can make you into a crazy fool? Oh, so you’re too practical for love?

Perhaps you shoud stop trying to stare at your feet a moment and listen to me? You need love. Assuming you aren’t lobotomized! Your heart and soul are desperate for it. If you think otherwise, you’re lying to yourself! Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed, we all share the same need, the same burdens!

Perhaps you’d like to try a better approach? Instead of running from it, or pretending you have no need for it, you’d try to actually find some? There are billions of others out there, as lonely and desperate as you! Get off your butt and make a real attempt to find someone! You aren’t getting any younger. The task just gets harder, the longer you put it off!

Perhaps you’d like to know how I figured out you’re lying to yourself? Easy. You’re alive. As long as you are, you’ll need to be loved. It’s really that simple. Now, get off your butt and start looking. And don’t stop until you’re dead, or in love. There’s no plan “B”. Sorry.


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