Duct Tape for the Soul for July 1, 2014

Your Only Addiction Is To Making Excuses

Everywhere you look, someone is claiming to be addicted to something. Booze, drugs, gambling, sex, stealing, video games. The psych practitioners all rush to jump on board, eager to lay claim to another area where they can make a fast buck “diagnosing and treating” another “addiction.” Shuck and jive! This is just more meaningless psycho hooey.

When Tiger Woods acted like a cheap whore with a bunch of slutty, weak moraled women, he was no more addicted to sex than my mailbox. What he was being was a slut. He was eager to mitigate the consequences of being a slut, (and when that much money is at stake, you’d not be shocked), but if he had any trace of an addiction, he certainly wasn’t eager to give it up! Bull pucky!

It’s frankly amazing how many people who lack morals, who lack willpower, who lack a spine, can claim to be addicted to whatever vice they like, if they think someone might shed a tear for them. You’ll note that not one single soul has ever come out and declared their”addiction” before getting caught with their pants or panties around their ankles?

What all these people are addicted to is excuses, and a willingness to be dishonest and lie, if they think they’ll get sympathy. Being photographed with a half naked hooker, having the mob at the door to collect gambling debts, or getting arrested for embezzling from the PTA seems to cause a sudden outburst of addiction talk! Honestly, it’s a waste of time. People for the most part see it as the hollow ploy it is. Even worse, God sees it as more of a reason to beat the guilty one’s butt. How many times did you get fried worse at home for lying about your sleazy enterprise?

You’d be pretty wise to avoid claiming you’re addicted, even to drugs. Unless you have proof that someone else was forcing you to shoot up at gunpoint, just admit you’re an idiot, and that you made crappy choices. Simple. Direct. And one less thing to add to all your wicked karma.


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