Duct Tape for the Soul for July 10, 2014

Lying Is More Complex Than It Seems

You get so angry when a friend or relatives lies to you and you find out. Perhaps they were too embarrassed to be honest, or wanted to spare your feelings. It might shock you to understand that manny lies are told for good sounding reasons, and not from pure wickedness.  It certainly doesn’t hurt your soul any to at least consider this, and maybe forgive them.

If you want to get totally upset and vindictive, perhaps you’d be wise to direct your ire at someone whose intent you actually know; yourself! That’s right, you are as guilty as anyone about telling all sorts of untruths. Even worse than lying to others, you frequently lie to yourself! Where’s your willingness to denounce that, pray tell?

If you’d be honest, and apply the same standards to yourself that you want to use on everybody else, you’d find out real soon how bad that shoe pinches! Look, if you want to live in a better, nicer, kinder, more honest world, you’d be smart to be improving yourself. You aren’t likely to renovate anybody else, no matter how much you want to. Not only would it be good to lead by example, you’d be guilty of a lot less hypocrisy! That never hurts.


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