Duct Tape for the Soul for July 11, 2014

You Don’t Admire Genuis Like You Should, And That’s Good!

No, I’m not crazy! First, genuis seldom occures in happy, well adjusted people. You’ve all heard tales of the twisted, crazed artist, the brilliant but unhinged inventor. Only the mind pushed to the edge can seem to discover new ways of thinking or seeing reality, producing stunning works of art, or finding fabulous new breakthroughs.

You should not be shocked then, that if this person on the margin, on the edge of normalcy, does succeed in something, success is often worse than failure for them. A miserable, tortured person with a sudden fortune, will usually descend into the pit of excess, trying to staunch old wounds with drugs, drinking, debauchery or some other excess, usually with tragic results.

While its wonderful to admire what they accomplish, to give credit for what their suffering and pain manages to create, it’s not too wise to wish to emulate such a feat. Their misery enriches humanity, and moves us forward, but at a wicked cost to them personally.  My question for all of you is this; since so many people are miserable, why aren’t more works of art or invention being created? If we have to have so much unhappieness, why aren’t we getting more progress than we are? Just wondering.


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