Duct Tape for the Soul for July 12 & 13, 2014

You’re Blaming The Wrong One

Every time there is some natural disaster, the people come out to denounce God’s cruelty. “How can God be so evil, so heartless?” they demand. There can be no more extreme and fundamental misunderstanding of God or His universe! Human’s choose to build huts, houses, villages on the side of volcanoes, over fault lines, on coastal plains. When the inevitable disaster occures, as they do in this natural world, people suffer and die.

Even worse, people are so slow on the uptake, that they rebuild in the exact same spot! Can we say slow? Human stupidity isn’t God’s fault. He gave everyone a brain, with which to observe and learn. Several centuries ago, it was understandable that people had no clue. That isn’t true now. Yet they keep making the same dumb mistakes, putting themselves in harms way, and then whining when they get hammered.

Even more ignorant is people’s misplaced faith in technology. Planes are man made machines. They break and fail. Humans make mistakes operating them. People die. You want to blame God for that? Crazy! I’d challenge you to name one single instance where God made people go someplace, and then tossed a mountain on them! Doesn’t happen. He gave you a brain, and expects you to use it for something better than watching TV or porn. Stop being dumb! And stop blaming God for humanitie’s own ignorance. That won’t end well for your behind. Trust me!


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