Duct Tape for the Soul for July 14, 2014

Point Of View

It is easy to look down on others, easy to tell yourself how much better you’re doing. Smarter, more worldly, wiser, sexier, the list is endless. There are many ways to feel better than your fellow humans. Naturally, there are just as many ways to lie to yourself and be wrong!

Ask yourself this; what would an honest observer think of you? Probably not as flattering, yes? Even worse, what might God think of your track record, your current state of being? Not many want to make that leap, I can assure you, so don’t feel alone. But still, it’s an improtant thing to consider.

Look, few people are running on all cylinders at any given moment. Lots frankly suck as people, and most of those that do aren’t inclined to admit it.  They don’t want to hear an honest appraisal of their folly, and the more they’re into self delusion and lies, the less inclined they are. You may be one of them. Most of us do engage in such at some point.

There’s no point in sitting and being miserable about your shortcommings though. The best way to elevate your self up out of the ditch of self delusion is to help someone else get out of theirs. The more you engage others deeply, the harder it becomes to lie to your self about what you are. You also don’t need to as much, having moved to being a better human. How about you consider that some more?


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