Duct Tape for the Soul for July 16, 2014

You Aren’t Saving The World

I’m constantly annoyed by headlines and articles touting some effort to, “Save the World” Or the planet, the rainforest, some critter or old dilapadated building. It’s not that those aren’t worthy ideals, but the truth is, you aren’t going to accomplish much. Recycling a few bits of crap may make you feel good, but the planet isn’t going to notice.

What you can do is save yourself. Why not rescue that two square feet of the planet you occupy, and tune you up? Likely, your physical self isn’t running on all cylinders, is it? Most of us are flabby and out of shape. Fix that, eat better, take better care of your health first. Then take stock of your mind!

How much old propaganda, how many untruths and lies are you clinging to? Do you even have a suspicion? Unlearn that. And then there’s your soul. It is the reason you’re even here. How badly out of shape and malenourished is it? Do you know? Some quiet and contemplation would be a big improvement! And don’t overlook your relationships either. If you’re like most of us, you need some work on those too!

Now if you manage to get all of that properly aligned, and in harmony, you’ll have a much better idea what the world needs. You might also be able to do something useful towards that without falling over and having a stroke! Right now, you aren’t ready to “save the planet.” You need to save yourself first, and that’s likely a whole lot bigger challenge than you’d like to believe!


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