Duct Tape for the Soul for July 17, 2014

Who Do You Like?

Do you actually like people, or do they mostly annoy you? Do you only like certain types of people, those who look, act, think and believe like you? Or are you eager to meet lots of others, the odder and more varied the better? You know I’m going to tell you that you need some variety as far as people are concerned, don’t you? You’d be right!

Your soul needs contact with others. Left alone, humans tend to settle into a nice big deep comfy rut. Your soul learns from others, if nothing else, ways to be stupid and things to avoid! Learning how not to live is important too! Without observing or interacting occasionally with different people, you’ll end up being a snotty elitist, who thinks way more of themself than God might bless.

Naturally, I’m not asking you to take the local biker gang home to meet your mother. If she already knows most of them, you have a different reason for getting out and meeting some new people! The most critical thing from your soul’s point of view is to be more aware of what others deal with in life. If you’d take the time to listen, you’d be amazed at what others have experienced and possibly know. You need to get out more, and reach beyond your three friends to get acquainted with some others. Really.


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