Duct Tape for the Soul for July 19 & 20, 2014

You Should Know A Lot Better!

How often are you parents frustrated and driven crazy by all the questions your child asks? Not only do the ask an endless series of questions, they ask WHY with each one. You had no idea you knew so little about God’s universe, did you? I’d bet money your parents warned you, but you didn’t listen to them either before you popped out the first kid.

You’re lucky they come hardwired for learning language. If people had to depend on their parents understanding of language to learn to speak, the race would be really screwed! Oh, they learn to talk, and quickly too. And then the questions start. You weren’t ready, were you? You have no idea on God’s earth why the sky is blue, or the grass green, right? And have you been asked if bugs poop yet? How do my questions make you feel?

Okay, I’m teasing you. Sorry. Still, you wish you knew a whole lot more than you do, don’t you? You don’t want your kids to be totally ignorant, especially because you haven’t got a clue. If you expect the schools to do your job, your kids are doomed to being dumb as a rock. Lots of things fall on your shoulders to teach them. You should have been watching something educational on TV instead of crap, all those years!

You have a duty to answer questions, and more than that, you have a duty to encourage their questioning of the world around them. Whatever you do, don’t make up crap, when you can’t give a proper answer. Eventually they’ll know you aren’t just an idiot, but a liar too! Encourage them to learn on their own, if you aren’t a walking encyclopedia. Remember, you volunteered to be a parent, either through choice or lack of attention to detail. God expects you to do your job. So does society and your children. You should have addressed that before you reproduced. You feeling that too? Sorry, that’s another annoying question!


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