Duct Tape for the Soul for July 2, 2014

You’re Likely Neglecting Something Important

Why do you neglect your soul? If you’re one of those who foolishly refuse to admit they even have one, you’re in even worse doo-doo. You have one, whether you wish to acknowledge it or not. Most people simply ignore the fact, and go on, then complain about life being less than wonderful. Duh.

Lots of people hope their soul suffers no harm by being neglected, praying for Divine assistance or a miracle to save it. Good luck with that. God is manifestly a do-it-yourself sort of God, having graced you with a marvelous brain, Divine powers and opposable thumbs. You aren’t helpless, no matter how you’d like to pretend otherwise.

When you arrive to live a new life, you come with a to-do list in place. It’s called a Life Path, and it is a series of lessons you’re to learn. Anything you weasel out on and neglect just gets shoved over to the next life, along with that pile of chores! Not too smart. It makes a whole lot of sense to get all of it done in the current one, and avoid all that sweat next time.

Even more important, neglecting to progress and learn diminishes the good you experience right now. Ever wonder why some people live horrid lives? They aren’t on track, aren’t learning what they should, and thus, a crappy experience. You get what you pay for with God, and being a slacker has bad consequences!

So, how’s your life going? Do you have a nagging feeling that you aremn’t where you should be? Congrats! That’s your sould speaking to you. You can listen and contemplate, and thus find your way properly, or blow it off and suffer the next train wreck. God is fine with whatever you choose. You have free will. Smart or stupid, the choice will always be yours. Maybe you should consider that a bit more deeply?


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