Duct Tape for the Soul for July 21, 2014

You’re Feeling Bad For The Wrong People

You occasionally see images on TV or in magazines of the wretched masses of humanity, living in the third world, mired in poverty and filth, afflicted with hunger and disease. They endure war, violence, natural disaster and oppression constantly. You feel bad, don’t you, before you turn the page or channel? How tragic, how sad, you think for five seconds, before you move on.

Now I’m not, as you expect, going to berate you for being insensitive or lacking in compassion. No. I’m going to kick your butt in a wholly unexpected way! Look, the tragedy isn’t that these poor people live as they do, victims of forces they are powerless to overcome. No. The tragedy is how little you’ve chosen to accomplish, how small a mark you’ve decided to make in life. You were after all, born in the greatest, richest, most free nation on earth, with education, health, food, freedom and peace that others would not believe exists!

And what have you done with this opportunity? Sat on your butt complaining, mostly, about how “hard” your life is? That’s pathetic, and you likely know it is! Maybe now you have something truely worthwhile to feel bad about. I pray you do, and that you’ll feel bad enough to get off your butt, and DO something worthy of the life you’ve been given. If you don’t, your next one will be right in the middle of that lovely third world you’ve heard so much about. God won’t want you to squander the next opportunity like this, when He finally lets you have another one!


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