Duct Tape for the Soul for July 22, 2014

Something To Contemplate

Nothing on this earth, nothing in life should make you appreciate God more than your effort to raise children. Trying to teach them moral values, how to be decent people, guiding another soul along, so that it may find its true path, is a most informative undertaking.

When your child choses to ignore you, when it has a tantrum, and breaks things, when they do stupid, wicked things that imperil their own souls, you get a nice taste of what a pain you’ve been to God. Oops. Not such fun, is it? Did this even once cross your mind? It certainly should, as its a great and humbling lesson for your soul to learn.

What you need to understand is this; your love for your child is exactly like God’s love for you. There, you have at least one power of God, one divine ability! While you’re thinking about that, you might want to consider all the stupid things you’ve done so far in life, and appologize, for being such a dunce. We all need to practice that, and understanding why you need this will help you later when your own kids get around to feeling sory for all the crap they put you through. Or will put you through, depending how old they are at the moment!


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