Duct Tape for the Soul for July 23, 2014

Stop Blaming The Wrong One!

How many of you are at least partly bitter at God? You blame Him for having a crappy life, yes? You suspect that for some reason, which has remainded a mystery, you were destined to end up as you are, broke, miserable, unloved or otherwise living a second rate existence. You’d be amazingly wrong!

I can sit on my butt here and unequivicably declare that God didn’t make you quit school, didn’t make you act slutty and get pregnant at fifteen. Neither did He suggest you marry a drunk or crack addicted loser. Nope. No demand that you rob a store, steal a car, beat some old lady. Didn’t suggest that you have a half dozen kids with a half dozen derelicts. Now, you made those outstandingly horrid decisions all by your little self. Doesn’t look so hot in hindsight, does it?

Now it’s true that God gave you freewill. If He hadn’t, you’d be nothing but a robot, a puppet, and you’d whine about that! What you need to embrace is the fact that you desperately need to learn to make better decisions. Good decisions equals good life! It isn’t rocket science. You’re free to make choices so you’ll slam the door on your fingers, and get smarter quickly! Pain is instructive, but some of you must just like self abuse!

Honestly, you’re just lazy. You choose the path of least resistance, the easy road that goes straight to hell every time, because you’d rather play than do some work. Doens’t work too well, does it? God wants you to learn and do well. He is, however, willing to let you slam the door on your fingers as many times as it takes to get you to think better. You’d look a lot smarter if you’d address that a lot better. Now. You fingers are tired of you being slow.


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