Duct Tape for the Soul for July 24, 2014

Example Is Better Than Words

Raising children can be a frustratingly hard task, especially if you care about the final product of your effort. You’d like to be proud of the end result, wanting them to be strong and confident, well motivated and bold. On the other hand, you don’t want to end up with an egtistical, arrogant, or selfish human, who cares nothing for anyone but themselves.

You hope and pray that they’ll be good people, generous and kind, wise and honest. It frankly seems a hopeless quest some days, as they will find a million ways to act loathsome and wicked. You talk and explain, admonish them at every turn, but are they listening? Probably not as much as you want!

So, is therer a better way to instill some worthwhile values into your offspring? Well, yes there is. It’s called setting a proper example. If you’re a disreputable, sleazy, lying unreliable piece of you know what, your children likely will be too. Sorry. If you want quality children, you need to be a quality human first, a person that others would admire and respect.

I know, you hate all that bother. It’s easier to yell and scream, instead of becomming a better person yourself. God will likely be amused by your view of things, but He’ll kick your butt anyway, for being a dunce. You wanted kids, or were too lazy to do what was required to avoid them. Now you’ve got obligations. If you aren’t the sort of person you’d want your kids to be, you’ve got work to do. Now!


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