Duct Tape for the Soul for July 25, 3014

You’re All Grown Up?

Do your parents still treat you like a child? You hated that when you were a teenager, and it sucks even worse now, at twenty, thirty, forty or fifty! Yes, they may be acting as bad parents, refusing to make the transition to regarding you as an equal adult. But did you really do your part? Have you become a fully functioning adult?

Are you still borrowing money from them? Calling them to come bail your butt out of some new jamb, or jail? Do you call them ten times a day, to ask how to do simple things that they explained when you were a teen? You know what I’ll say, don’t you? Grow up! You can’t expect to be treated like an adult if you still behave like a child!

If you did grow up, and they just insist on treating you like a clueless ten year old, try some humor on them. The next time they say something that makes you want to scream, just invite them to come over and change your diaper! You keep doing that, they will likely eventually wonder why, and say something. That’s when you can have an adult conversation with them about how they treat you. If not, you may have to just ignore it, at least until they’re old enough that you’re changing their diaper!


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