Duct Tape for the Soul for July 28, 2014

Why Dad Being Absent Matters To Girls

I am constantly amazed when I’m on Facebook, at the number of young women who are just begging for compliments. They post a zillion photos a day, some quite sexy and revealing, and make disparaging remarkes about their appearance, to get others, men mostly, to compliment them. It’s cute in a pathetic way.

One of the common denominators with many of them is the absent father. Either dad ODed, is in jail or ran off with some hooker, and moved across the country. This makes the young ladies in effect orphans, at least as far as getting any love and input from dad. You think that doesn’t matter? You are a dunce! As the father of six girls, I battled the “I’m ugly, I’m fat, I’m not as hot as everyone else” crap constantly, and mine had both parents living together with them!

Girls get their first affirmation of beauty and attractiveness from father, and if he’s not there, they go looking elsewhere. This explains the huge number of teen girls who get pregnant, when living with a single mom. Mom is usually too busy trying to find a new man to give the daughter one hundred percent attention. Even if she is, it isn’t the same as what dad hands a girl. When a dad tells a girl she’s pretty, cute, sexy, has a nice figure or smile, it has more credibility.

Girls know mom will fudge, not wanting to be too honest. Dad is a guy, and if he thinks a girl’s butt is cute, she’ll believe him a lot more than what mom says. It’s a sad fact that one generation’s failure impacts the next negatively, but with girls, it does!  Guys suffer too, if dad is gone, but at least they can’t get pregnant! Girls give in to whoever promises to love them and will say nice things about their body. It isn’t that girls are shallow, it’s that they’re desperate to hear something nice and supportive. Too bad it isn’t from dad.


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