Duct Tape for the Soul for July 30, 2014

Don’t Count The Markers

Do you remember how excited you once were when your birthday got close? You couldn’t wait for it to come, not just to get stuff and to have cake and ice cream either! You were excited to be a year older, a year closer to being an adult. You couldn’t wait to be grown up. Doesn’t seem quite so exciting now, does it?

Honestly, that excited feeling of anticipation got replaced by a subdued reluctance. Oh thank God, I made it another year! becomes your silent thought. You eventually came to realize that those birthdays are signposts on life’s highway, and as they pass, they seem to be moving faster and faster. Worse, you have no idea which one will be the last you see!

Oh  yes, one of them eventually will be the final one. You don’t have to like it, and most people don’t. But here’s a hint; don’t sit watching them zip by. Get up and get busy, doing, loving, living and helping all the good people you can. If you do, you’ll be too busy to be watching the sign pots zoom by, or worrying about what’s left. It’s foolish to waste your time in worry, wringing your hands. Busy people never see the end coming, and that’s not a bad thing. Is it?


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