Duct Tape for the Soul for July 31, 2014

Suicide Is Failure

The people who decide to end it all have come, in one fashion or another, to face a hard, cold, verticle expanse of stone that is a side of the mountain of life. They stand there, daunted by the imensity of what they face, and give up in despair. They don’t realize that if the turned aside, mover left or right, and went a distance either way, they’d find a pass, or stairs to climb, to get past the thing blocking their way.

All problems can be overcome, all mountains climbed or bypassed. Life is filled with many mountains, many seemingly impassable obstacles that challenge us. If you can’t find the strength or will to climb them alone, you’d be wise to find someone to help you, or at least to act as a guide. Yet so many feel unworthy of help, or too ashamed to ask for it.

You owe it people to always be looking for the soul who seems trapped, who’s too afraid to turn aside or to ask for help. Common decency demands that you do. If nothing else, selfinterest suggests that you yourself are destined to be stuck eventually. You’ll feel even more like a dunce, if you’re also suddenly guilty of not helping others when you had the chance!


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