Duct Tape for the Soul for July 7, 2014

Stop Being A Wallflower

Do you like to connect to people one on one, or do you prefer to be in groups? Lots of people are nervous one on on, knowing that eventually, you’ll talk about the stuff they’re afraid of, the self-lies and secrets that scare them. Getting close scares a lot of people, who fear that if anyone really knew the real them, they’d run away.

It’s much easier to pretend your cool and confident in the herd, isn’t it? But your insecurity can’t take too much scrutiny, less it become visible! You may be a loud mouth in a group, but up close and personal, you turn into a pretty reluctant one, don’t you? Look, you aren’t alone! I was so painfully shy all through school, I’d do anything to avoid even being noticed! People who see me now can’t believe it, since I’ll go any where, and talk to an entire crowd without a trace of reluctance.

Being able to be comfortable with people, to get deeply intimate and personal is a necessary part of having a quality life. To be loved well, you have to be real and knowable. Hiding from others negates that in the worst way. Even more tragic, it stops your soul from touching others, and that gets you nowhere in this life. You need to grow past that. If you want to know how I cured my shyness, email me. Otherwise get busy! You’re missing out on cool things!


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