Duct Tape for the Soul for July 8, 2014

Choosing The Right Degree

How many parents do you imagine send their kids off to college, telling them to find themselves? I’d bet money a whole lot do basically that, not wanting to discourage their young one from pursuing their dreams.  That’s pretty sweet, but also pretty bad parenting, especially now with college costing what it does. I suppose if a parent has money to burn, and won’t mind having junior living at home for the next thirty years, that’s okay. Otherwise it’s pretty dumb!

Now I’m a college dropout, and I’ve managed seven businesses over the last thirty five years. Four of them were custom millwork or cabinet companies, and I had some incredible college grads working for me! I’ve had a guy with a batchelors degree in archeology, two history grads, a half dozen with art degrees, an art history grad, three political science grads, an English lit major, and at least one romance language grad. Oh, and a Spanish major.

Now the Spanish guy was the most helpful, since we let him talk to the Mexican cabinet makers, and we sent him out for tacos! These were all great, bright and highly motivated people, (at least four of them now own their own businesses), but they took a beating because neither their parents nor the college they attended bothered to tell them what the prospects of finding a job with their degree would be like! Most of their stuff requires a PhD to have a prayer of getting a position, but the competition is brutal! As is the cost!

I hate peeing on anyone’s love or dreams, but sometimes you just have to. I told all my kids what the prospects were, and most of them actually listened. One will be out of debt in another year or two, and will be able to go back for a marketable degree! You need to have the talk about higher ed just as much as you do about sex. Unless you want your offspring to get bent over and screwed by some shifty college!


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