Duct Tape for the Soul for June 10, 2014

Who Do You Find Fault With?

People are annoying, aren’t they? They do and say things constantly that bother you. Some of them outrage you even more. You think and say a lot of snippy, nasty things about them, don’t you? You’d really like to be able to tell them off, and say exactly what you think, but you lack the nerve to do that! So you think wicked things, mumble and mutter under your breath.

I bet you have certain classes of people that annoy you, don’t you? Relatives, in-laws, certain political persuasions, perhaps ones from a specific racial or ethnic group. You likely don’t want to be too forth coming about certain groups, except to like minded people, since doing so will get you denounced or shunned. Maybe even get your butt beat too! So you hide your dislike and annoyance.

Why do you find fault with the ones you do? Do you think them stupid or unenlightened? Insensitive? Elitist? Snobby and stuck up? Cruel and callous? Evil? There are lots of reasons we might use to justify our dislikes, and our life experience is partly to blame. You can have one bad experience with one member of a group, and suddenly you dislike all the others too! Humans tend to be a bit extreme about such things.

What I want to know is this; how many of the things you criticize others for do you do yourself? It sure is a lot easier to belittle someone else than to be stern with your own butt, isn’t it? I’d bet good money that you’ve done all sorts of wicked things that you’d be outraged to have another do to you! It’s a lot more fun to never think of that, isn’t it? Guess what? That subject is of interest to God, and if you make no effort to address it now, you’ll be most embarrassed later, when He gets around to considering it.  Maybe you should consider this on your own? Just a thought.


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