Duct Tape for the Soul for June 11, 2014

That Empty, Worried Feeling Is A Sign Post

Did you ever experience being lost or separated from your parents when you were a small child? Many do. You get engrossed in fiddling, and your parents turn the corner of the aisle, and when you look up, you get the most wicked surge of panic. Do you remember that wicked feeling? Not much fun, was it? If you were lucky, you went looking, or they came back. Perhaps you screamed and cried, before being saved. Others find that cute and amusing, but you likely didn’t!

Ever have moments since you became an adult, where you felt alone or abandoned again? Or maybe you just feel miserable and estranged from something, even if you can’t be sure why. Care to guess what that is? It’s you being estranged from your own soul! Out of touch with it and neglected, you can’t possibly feel confident and strong. Your soul is the lynch pin of your existence, your anchor.

Do you even understand that you have a soul? Lots of people will deny that, liking to pretend that their conscious mind is the sum total of their existence. It’s no wonder they do so pathetic at life! You’re more than your mind, which to succeed must be made to be a servant of your soul. Otherwise, you become a slave to your senses, wanting only pleasure, and to avoid pain. The train wrecks you endure are mostly the result of you trying to take the easy path, to find the next bit of fun, the next high, the next thrill.

The simple fact is this; your mind is temporary, not enduring like your soul, which is immortal. Your soul has needs, tasks to accomplish so it may learn and evolve. Your refusal to get in sync, to work in harmony with it is to blame for most of your misery. Finding your soul, understanding it needs, this is job one for each human to accomplish, before the serious work can get underway. Are you there, or do you have some searching to do? Get busy then, and start looking! You’re doomed to more failure and misery if you don’t.


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