Duct Tape for the Soul for June 13, 2014

Your Idea Of Success Likely Won’t Thrill Your Child

Push, push, push! Some of you drive your children like cattle! You demand the best grades, the highest achievement in school and sports. You want them in the best activities, the best clubs, with the children of other important, highly motivated kids. You want this so they can get into the best, most elite university, graduate with the highest honors and so get hired by the best corporations.

Of course, that employer will continue on, treating them like cattle, like slaves and indentured servants. You’ll be so proud, so pleased that they (hopefully) have good heath insurance, to pay for their ulcer treatment and shrink! They’ll need the big money too, to pay for their divorce attorneys and therapy. You think I’m crazy? Wait till you hear what they think, on the day they realize they HATE the life you foisted off on them!

On that day, when they realize they labored and suffered to fulfill your failed dreams, instead of finding their own, there will be hell to pay. Enjoy living in their basement, eating Alpo; you earned it! You will have failed at the most important job any parent has; to help a child find the dream their own soul needs, to find their own life path.  A big house, a fancy car is never on the plan your soul comes here to fulfill.

Every single soul is tossed into life to find meaning and value, to discover love and something worthy, that will foster the evolution of the soul they have. Your giving them a Battan Death March of a childhood, so you can be a smug and overly proud parent is not going to be counted as a success by you know who! Your children need time to contemplate, to dream and imagine. Denying one that is failure for a parent. You need to get with it, and re-evaluate your thinking, if you’re a pushy, slave driver of a parent. Now.


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