Duct Tape for the Soul for June 17, 2014

Why Relationships Fail

Ever wonder why so many loves, so many perfect seeming relationships die a cruel and untimely death? You’ve seen this many times, have likely experienced it upon occasion. Some relationship that seems on solid ground, being open and honest, deep and devoted, will suddenly burst into flames, consumed by a firestorm of bitterness, lies, deceit, hostility and anger.

Surely this seems strange, but is it? To stay in tune with another soul, you need to exert some effort! Your lawn will wither and die if neglected; don’t you imagine a love or friendship might be vulnerable to neglect also? In truth, if this were the only pitfall, life would be easy! It isn’t.

Seldom does a single betrayal scuttle a strong and healthy relationship. The ordinary state of interaction between two people is often hampered by slights and hurts, both small  and frequent! Small grievances fester into hostility, if not assuaged and healed. Eventually, these myriad and seemingly petty slights cause death by a thousand small cuts!

No one should be a doormat, just to minimize bickering or problems, but a certain willingness to work openly and with dedication at fixing the issues one by one and quickly, will do much to prevent the creeping tide of resentment from claiming another promising relationship. Sure its hard to do at times. We all enjoy being pissy and mean, trying to get the last nasty word in, but that’s not a path to happiness!

Another thing that helps keep one’s love or friendship out of the ditch is actually very simple. Saying I’m sorry, when you’ve been a turd is pretty helpful. Most people would do better at saying it if they did it every time they actually need to. Or should. Think about that!


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