Duct Tape for the Soul for June 18, 2014

Good Habits

You most often here the term habits used with the word bad. Bad habits are certainly a curse, and most of us have a few. The sad thing isn’t that we have some bad habits, but that we have so few good habits! That’s right, good, useful productive and worthwhile things can become habits too; you just need to work at it!

I’m sure you’d agree that kissing your spouse goodbye, giving people you love a hug, saying I love you, to those you deem worthy should all be done on a regular basis. Feeding the dog, changing the kitty litter, chores, even putting the toilet seat down can be accorded good habit status! You don’t have to free some third world nation from a dictator to do good, that’s for sure!

Understand this; life and especially relationships are dragged down and ruined by all sorts of petty annoyances. It is seldom cheating that brings down a marriage; mostly it’s something small and ridiculously easy to over look. But like Chinese water torture, the constant drip, drip, drip of the routine aggravations will drive you crazy, to the point that it only takes one more offensive act to blow the whole thing up!

Friendships fall to this wicked thing too. Getting rid of these easy and frankly slothful things, replacing them with better habits will pay dividends in a hundred ways. Not only does it lessen the snippy and snide comments you have to endure, (I guess your arm is broke and hurts too bad to put the seat down?!) but it might even get you laid more often. Angry, annoyed people are seldom friendly, in case you never thought about it! It doesn’t take that much work, and once you’ve got a good habit, it won’t take any effort to maintain it! That’s the idea of habits in the first place. Duh!


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