Duct Tape for the Soul for June 19, 2014

Reconsider Your Dating Strategy

How many of you are dating? Maybe you have children who are? Are you or they clinging to someone, dating endlessly, but never moving forward, towards something more permanent? Is there fear at the root of this lack of progress? Hoping someone better will appear, allowing the current loser to be tossed, in favor of the better one?

You know that the current one is being used, right? Someone’s hoping a prince or princess will appear, and save you from the current, flawed or less than thrilling one! No one wants to be looked down on as such a pathetic loser that they haven’t got a boy or girl friend! And who wants to be alone? Even lousy sex is better than no sex, isn’t it?

If you expect me to tell you that’s not wise, good for you! Using others is always a bad idea, but there’s a more sinister side to this, that you’ve missed! While you’re bogged down with the current less than thrilling partner, you’re passing up any chance of finding a better one! The stellar person you think you want wouldn’t look twice at you, since you’re taken!

Now do you get it? The chance of you being passed up because you look like a desperate loser, being alone, is not nearly as likely as you being passed up while looking like a cheater, being on the prowl while attached to another. If your offspring are making this mistake, it’s probably because you didn’t tell them, probably because you haven’t learned it either! Time to readjust? And then go explain it to them!


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