Duct Tape for the Soul for June 2, 2014

Are You Worshiping The Wrong People?

You’d probably like to tell everyone that you only pay attention to celebrities because you like watching train wrecks, right? That’s why you watch their interviews, and read the gossip mags too. Very good! Unfortunately, it’s probably also a lie. You don’t just give them casual attention, you actually watch them. And you end up envying their plush lives.

You wish you had perfect teeth, nice boobs, a cute rear, and had all their money and a herd following you around! Be pretty nice to ride in a limo, get to wear expensive clothes and fly on private jets. You’d trade in your chubby hubby or wife on the spot for a sexy, hot leading man or tart of a girl, and you know it. They seduce you just by being glamorous.

The bad thing is this; most of what you see is illusion. That perfect starlet farts like anyone else, probably has addiction issues or will, and is a bitch to boot. Sorry. They’re also likely miserable, even worse than you think you are. They’d love to have your life if they could keep the money. Honestly, they’re all prostitutes, living a crappy, half empty life, just to make the big money. Can you say whore? It’s tragic to see one of them crash and burn, but it’s pretty common. Half are in rehab on any given day.

The saddest thing is how much watching them makes you think your life sucks! Most of the celebrities are complete fools with money, and will end up broke, even worse than you! Drugs, divorce, there’s not a lot of happiness out in Hollywood. You’d do yourself a big favor to pay them a lot less attention, especially when they get stupid, and hand out life and parenting advice! You’ve got more sense than ninety nine percent of them. Use it, and stoop coveting what they have. And when the day comes that you pass one of them on the street, with a tin cup, begging for money, cause they’re broke, toss em something. Just try not to gloat too much…it’s not nice.


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