Duct Tape for the Soul for June 21 & 22, 2014

Time For Some Renovation?

I’m curious; why do you settle for a job you don’t like, a love or relationship that doesn’t fill you with divine joy? Do you think you don’t deserve to have them? Think you must be unworthy, or cursed by God, and afflicted with mediocrity? How did you end up here, can you even explain it?

You certainly didn’t get here by making great choices, now did you? Likely as most people do, you made lots of small, tiny missteps, slowly moving ever downward, until you arrived at your current state of dissatisfaction. Mostly, you weren’t paying decent attention, or were always eager to take the easy path. Not such a good idea, was it?

The good news is this; you can fix this. The bad news is this; it takes work and effort! Go admit your mistakes, and have a good cry. Then get serious about deciding what thing is the most horrid problem you’ve got. Spend some time alone, thinking, considering both what you want, and how you might get to that. If you have no idea, then talk to someone likely to have good advice. Marriage counselor, employment coach; just don’t waste your time talking to the loser friends and relatives who helped get you into this mess!

No matter how screwed up your life is, you’ve got options. Find out what they are, then you can decide which will work. Notice I didn’t say to pick the one that will be the easiest; that’s what got you into this wretched mess! Any effort to improve yourself and your life will be good, and well worth the inconvenience. If you think you’re a lost cause, email me and we’ll chat. Unless you’re sitting on death row, you have possibilities, and I have faith you can find them. And God has a lot more faith in you than even I can muster!



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