Duct Tape for the Soul for June 23, 2014

Living As Bad As You Drive Isn’t Good

If a new car appeared by Divine miracle, and you drove off and wrecked it, would you complain to God, for giving it to you? Sounds pretty stupid, doesn’t it? Well, sit down, if you aren’t, you won’t like this either!

It might surprise you to understand that no one comes to life with a completely wrecked or damaged soul.  It may have issues, and a ton of bad karma from the last life’s worth of ignorant choices, but inherent in being reborn is the opportunity to dodge all the wicked stuff, and to succeed fully. No one is condemned to failure!

Naturally, lots of people spend their life running into things, and damaging their souls. They spend a lot of time complaining to God about why this isn’t their fault too. Guess who knows better? If you sue GM when you drive into a tree with your car, you’ll just waste money and get your butt kicked, unless they knowingly produced a defective car. Guess who’s the master of perfection? You think you came here with a defective soul? Nice try.

Look, It’s always more fun to blame someone else for your failings. Who wants to work hard to drive better, or to make less stupid choices? That’s no fun, is it? Ah, but don’t forget the consequences of being a weasel; more bad karma for the next life! I hear you clamoring; doesn’t God forgive your crappy driving and the lousy choices you make? Sure, He’s big on forgiveness. However, the consequences of your poor choices are part of the fabric of existence, and don’t go away. Do you really want more burdens in the next life? Then fix yourself, and stop blaming Toyota for your crappy driving. God will be even less amused than Toyota will, and they’ll sue your butt clean off!


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