Duct Tape for the Soul for June 25, 2014

Some People Don’t Fix Easily

The egotistical bore is certainly a drag. You can’t stand working with one, likely never would go on a second date with one and you hate being cornered by one at a social function. But even worse is the  person at the opposite end of the social spectrum. The person who is so clingy and desperate, so self effacing that they seem in danger of killing them selves in despair in the next three minutes is a lot harder to deal with!

First, they seem cute at first in their shyness and timidity, You’ll feel sorry for them, their emptiness and lack of confidence. Beware! They will attach themselves to you like a barnacle on a boat! There’s a huge difference between a shy person, who lacks confidence, and a pathologically desperate person, who will make you responsible for their emotional life or death!

This one uses your sympathy as a crutch, an excuse to be dependent, threatening to wither and die emotionally if you neglect them. They will be devoted, in much the same way a tape worm will stay with you! If you married one of these crippled ones you know all too well what a pain it is. It will be exhaustive trying to fill up their constantly empty emotional reservoir. You can help someone like this, but it will be a life long undertaking. They don’t fix easily. Just a word of advice; don’t try if you aren’t crazy willing to make the long journey; tossing them aside when you tire will only damage them more. You won’t get a gold star for that either.


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