Duct Tape for the Soul for June 26, 2014

Teach Your Kids To Make Lemonaid

Some parents go to absurd lengths to try and protect their kids from the slightest disappointment. They yell at teachers, scream at coaches, bully and abuse people who won’t acknowledge that their precious little child is anointed by God to be only the best, the one in first place. If it wasn’t sad and disgusting it would be funny!

They are of course, being terrible parents, refusing to prepare their offspring for the enevitable disappointments of life. Oh, yes, they will all get crapped on in due time; everybody does. The wise parent teaches their child that life isn’t always fair. The world is full of disappointment and abuse; some will find even their precious little tike.

Being unprepared, they will be outraged and shocked, will likely be crippled and sent into a funk of defeat. The properly taught child will merely brush the dirt off and get back into the game of life! Why does this seem so hrd for some to understand? How many do you know, who’ve never tasted defeat or loss? There aren’t a lot of people running around with a silver spoon sticking out therir rear!

You have a duty to your child, to teach and prepare them for real life. You want them to be optimistic, but not stupid foolish. Having your butt kicked as a child is a way to promote growth and character, if it’s coupled with some honest guidence. That is what you’re supposed to be doing, since you volunteered to be a parent! Stop abusing the teacher and the coach, and acting like a pushy lunatic; you’re only hurting your child. Set a good example, and show them how to stand up against losing or defeat. You’ve undoubtedly had enough yourself to learn something, haven’t you? Or were you not paying proper attention. Opps!


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